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I’m excited to announce the addition of a new premium tutorial to my site! This one is a 50-minute video tutorial that covers both retouching and color grading. My goal here was to transform a regular portrait that anyone can take with a DSLR camera into some sort of fantasy character. In the end of the tutorial, I show you how we can change the background to something much more interesting.

By mastering the techniques in this tutorial, you will not only be able to create amazing portraits but also great characters for your photo manipulations. Note that you don’t need to be a pro to do this tutorial, no painting skills required!

BEFORE/AFTER pictures:

Photoshop Tutorial Retouching


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  • Jeremy

    Hey Pat I struggled a bit on this one (CG Girl) . Getting some lines and smudges in my skin.
    I will give it another try later. I love the effect though and Im looking forward to becoming more adept at it. I really like how the effect is not overdone so the line between real and cg is blurry.

    • Pat

      Hi Jeremy, I get the same thing also but when it doesn’t work, undo and try again. Visible smudges also happen when you try to paint over 2 areas that aren’t the same color, your brush is going to bring over the color of the darker skin on the lighter skin and you’ll see a darker smudge on the lighter skin. This is why its important to use your color picker a lot and paint by regions, then you can blend regions together. And when it doesn’t look good, try different brush strokes, shorter, bigger, circular or try to paint along the contour of the area you are doing and then keep going until the inside is also painted. Hope it helps Jeremy! 🙂

      • Jeremy

        Much better results this time. Do you know if there is a way to make the color picker allocate to the foreground colour instead of the background ? because I have to press x every time I pick a color to switch it.

  • alaa

    hi good

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