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If you are on this site, it is because you are artistic and creative right? And some of you are more than that, you are also very skilled and can actually make money with your talent and knowledge. If you ever thought of either getting some extra money or perhaps even starting a new career from the comfort of your own home, looking for photography jobs or graphic design jobs online can be exactly what you need to do.

If you have a talent for photo editing, general photography, digital art, photo manipulation, retouching portraits, object and food photography, color correcting and color grading, there is no doubt that someone will be interested in hiring you.

Many websites make the process very easy for those looking for an internet job, they are called freelancer or outsourcing marketplaces.

Here’s below a list of the most popular ones. You can join any of them for free. The way it usually work is your create a profile and then you can either bid on jobs posted or you wait until someone really like your profile and portfolio and decide to hire you. You can set your hourly rate and bid the amount you want on any project.


Top 8 Sites For Creative Freelancers


In no particular order:



Alexa Rank: 485

Elance is the original, the oldest online workplace for freelancers and also probably the most respected one. They recently bought off oDesk, their main competitor. Since Elance is so respected, freelancer or “Elancers” tend to demand a lot more money than freelancers on oDesk. That being said, you can find people on Odesk asking $200 an hour if they think they are worth it. There’s really not limit on that.

On Elance, there’s a main category called Design & Multimedia and then you can search for skills with keywords such as photo editing, Photoshop, photography, etc…

Elance say that 119,477 Jobs were posted this past month for “Elancers” to bid on.

They also mention on their site that $989,260,432 was earned through Elance since the begging.



Alexa Rank: 3,606

Guruis trying to compete with teh big boys and it is doing a fairly good job.

A main category of interest on this is ‘Design, Art & Multimedia’ and the subcategories are Design, Adobe Photoshop & Graphic Design and if you do custom search, people can find freelancers offering photography and photo editing services.

Here, you not only set your $/hour rate but also the minimum rate for a contract. It can be $0 like it can be $1000 or more. You can also bid on job offers where your minimum rate won’t matter.

On Guru, it also shows on your profile how much you have earned during the year.



Alexa Rank: 489

Freelancer is one of the big boys, not doubt about that.

On Freelancer, under one of the main category called “Design” you can either be found by searching either by skills or by jobs.

Some of the skills featured in the drop down menu are Photo Editing, Creative Design, Graphic Design and Photography.

Employers can hire a freelancer for as little as US$30 and the site claims that the average project is completed for US$200.



Alexa Rank: 399

Odesk is probably the largest, most popular outsourcing marketplace on the web. Under the category ‘Design & Multimedia’ you can find over 63,000 freelancers!

It is a well oiled machine and certainly a place anyone who is starting out as a freelancer should consider using. You can start with low rates and then increase as you build a reputation. You can also offer your services on other sites mentioned in this post to see what works best for you.



Alexa Rank: 2,080

I like the concept of this freelancing marketplace, it reminds me a bit of Fiverr but without the very low pay.

The way it works is ads all start with “I can do (this) for your for ($$)” and like on Fiverr, they choose a nice thumbnail showing you the job they can do.

There’s two main categories of interest here, one is “Design” and the other is “Photo, Video & Audio” and this one includes photo editing as a sub-category.



Alexa Rank: 642

Behance is the biggest riser here. It’s an online marketplace for top creative professionals. If you look at the portfolios on the first page, you can find some pretty big names from their respective fields.

Companies interested in a service can browse the portfolios and hire a freelancer or they can post a job with all the requirements so artists can apply for it.

This is the Rolls Royce of marketplaces.



Alexa Rank: 133

On Fiverr, like on “People Per Hour”, you post an ad saying what you can do for $5. That doesn’t sound too good for the person getting paid but creative sellers on Fiverr have found ways to add a lot of options or upsales to their “gigs” which in the end, make them a nice profit.

The advantage of Fiverr even if it doesn’t have the prestige of more serious marketplaces is that it is by far the most visited site and if you are clever, you can make it work for yourself.



Alexa Rank: 799,406

Dream Up was created as a marketplace for creative professionals exclusively. The only problem is as of now, it doesn’t seem to be that popular with a ranking of 800k on Alexa.


If you have had any experience as a freelancer with any of them , please post it below. If you have a favorite, please let us know also!


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