5 Photos That Will Inspire You


Here are 5 great photos I hope will inspire you.


By schorlemädchen

I love this one, great atmosphere, the sunset and food, that really look tasty. And all of it was captured beautifully.

Work Desk

By dee goo

Nice word desk, well decorated, great day light and great photo. If it looks good to your eyes it’s going to look good in photo.

Truck Driver

By Mightyhorse

Very original, really looks like Kermit is driving his truck. Very creative and funny.

Sunset In The Desert

By Kristina Wilson

That photo is breathtaking, great angle to really put the emphasis on the amazing veiny soil in the forefront of a great background made of mountains and a great sunset. This is in California by the way, a place I’d really like to visit.

Picking Flowers

By Lisa Holloway

Brilliant photo of a little girl picking flowers as the sun is setting. The white dress really contrasts beautifully with the red flowers and the photographer did a great job with the depth of field creating a photo with the foreground and background completely out of focus which really put the emphasis on the little girl.

Which photo do you like best? Personally, I really like the desert one followed closely by the little girl picking flower.

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  • nishant dwivedi

    I loved the last one, girl picking flowers it creates a story around this situation and the color composition is too good

    Plz review this also

    • Raahul Saxena

      i also liked the last one 🙂
      it gaves me a lot of ideas for taking snapshot for my family pics !

  • Ashish

    Awesome photographs. Each one is good.

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